What is playfighting?

Play-fighting, literally, is not just fighting for fun.


  • It is a communication form based on physical force
  • It’s a tool to discover a new awareness of your own body and about your partner’s body
  • Its goal is to fight together with the other person, not against
  • There are neither violence nor any intention to hurt each other
  • It’s a free and spontaneous confrontation, a peer exchange of emotions remain
  • It’s always safe, respectful and consensual
  • It takes inspiration from martial arts, theatre, contact improvisation, body language, energetic disciplines…
  • It’s pure movement, energy and fun

What am I going to do in the Playfight Club Milano?


  • You are going to discover that fighting can be a fun game: wild, liberating and damn fun.
  • You are going to learn the basics and the fundamental safety concepts of this activity.
  • Martial arts knowledge is not required
  • You are going to explore all the aspects of the game: its sensual physicality, its primal instinct, its couple-game soul and its liberating nature.